Christian Values

Christian Slater and Tara Reid in "Alone in the Dark" (2005)Christian Slater and Tara Reid in "Alone in the Dark" (2005)Photo: Lionsgate

Christian Slater made an unexpected call into the show from his car to wish Howard luck with his move to SIRIUS.

Howard informed Christian that he had been worried about him and explained that he read recently that Christian fell off of a roof after being tasered by the police.

Christian replied that everything in his life was going well and that he'd be glad to sit down and tell Howard all about the incident as soon as he starts his satellite career.

Howard proceeded to ask Christian if he's still married to his wife, Ryan, but he revealed that he was not.

Given this, Howard wondered if Christian made a move on Lindsay Lohan, who stars with him in the upcoming movie, "Bobby." However, Christian claimed that he didn't hit on Lindsay at all during shooting. Because Christian's cell phone connection was bad, the call cut off prematurely.

Howard then mentioned that, based on everything he knows about Christian, he could devote an entire show to interviewing him.

Howard added that he's hung out with Christian before, though, and he's actually nothing like the guy the tabloids make him out to be.