Jose Canseco: Sacrificial Lamb for Steroid Use?

Controversial baseball player and author Jose Canseco came in today to promote his new book "Juiced," in which he outs big name baseball players for using steroids. Resident Bleacher Creature Artie Lange said he had a major problem with Canseco's book because he doesn't understand why Jose had to rat on all his friends. He kept asking Canseco what his motivation was for putting out the book with all those names but didn't seem to get a satisfactory answer.

Canseco said he didn't write the book for the money because he has plenty of money already. He said he wanted to expose what was going on in baseball and said he had to name names so those people would have to fess up to what is going on as proof. Canseco said that baseball and the player's union basically endorsed steroid use and that's why, in order to be believed, he has to name names. Artie said he still wasn't that sure about it and if the book is Canseco's revenge on people who treated him wrong in baseball, that's not justification to accuse people of things in print.

Canseco did say that he believes there was a conspiracy to drive him out of baseball by the owners and players, making him a sacrificial lamb for steroid use. He said he was still playing well but was forced out early. Howard just seemed more interested in whether or not it's true that using steroids makes your wiener shrink and Jose said that was not true. He said at the worst it makes your balls shrink, but in some cases it can actually make your wiener grow. Howard said he didn't really care if his testicles shrunk so at least that's not a down side to using roids.

Not Sleeping with Madonna

Jose Canseco had a really weird encounter with Madonna that he talked about during his interview. He said that years ago he believes Madonna was on the hunt for a Cuban man to father her baby. He said that her people contacted his people and wanted to set up a meeting between the two of them and one day he went over to her house. He said that when she answered the door she had her hair parted strangely down the middle. They eventually ended up in her room where she played him the scene from her movie "Truth or Dare" where she pleasured herself. Howard thought that was a weird move. Then on a later date Jose claimed Madonna sat on his lap and made out with him but it didn't go any further than that. Jose said he didn't feel her up and it never got beyond kissing. Howard said he couldn't believe that Madonna didn't try to grab his package but Jose swears she didn't. When he left her house after that encounter, there were tons of paparazzi outside and it became a big story. Later that night, when he was playing against the Yankees, everyone in the crowd was giving him hell for the Madonna thing. Artie said he was at that game and the guy he was sitting near was hammering Jose so hard that Jose came over with his bat and threatened to hit the guy. Jose denied that he ever did that but Artie said he was pretty sure it happened.