Jason Alexander, Author

May 20, 2005
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jason Alexander visited the station today to promote his new children’s book, “Dad, Are You The Tooth Fairy?” While they waited for him to come into the studio, they talked about the fact Jason’s series, “Listen Up” had fallen victim to the “Seinfeld” curse. Gary said he was trying to get details from someone at CBS, but he thought the show had definitely been cancelled. Howard read a little from the book about a boy named Gabey (as in Gabriel). The book was only about 32 pages, but cost $16.95. Howard complained that the books he’d written were hundreds of pages long and yet cost about the same. Jason said it took him about 15 minutes to write and came from a real conversation with his son. He said it was his agent who got it published. Artie started making fun of the name Gabey, saying that it must really suck to go to school with the word “gay” in your name. Jason responded that he used to like Artie. Robin said this could just become the beginning of a whole series of books. Jason agreed and thought the next one might be, “Which Way Do I Wipe?”

Howard wanted to know what happened to his CBS series. Jason would only say that he thought CBS had made a big mistake in canceling it and he told everyone he could over there, but to no avail. Howard thought that he at least had the $13 Million he made on “Seinfeld” to fall back on, but Jason said most of that disappeared in the stock market. According to him, he had invested heavily in tech stocks and when they started to drop, his brokers had convinced him to ride it out a little longer. Unfortunately, he wanted to get out right before September 11 but was unable to do so before everything dropped while the stock market was closed. Howard wanted to know if Jason kept in touch with Jerry Seinfeld but Jason said that, while they are friends, he rarely sees Jerry anymore.