George Falls For It…Again

January 12, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that the real Arnold Schwarzenegger heard about the joke the show played on George this past Tuesday, and was now on the line to explain his stance on gay marriage. After “Arnold” congratulated Howard on his move to SIRIUS, George thanked him for getting up as early as he did just to speak to him. George then explained that he was disappointed that Arnold didn’t sign the same-sex marriage bill that was passed by the California legislature into law, largely because of the positive things he said about the topic during his campaign. “Arnold” told George that he does support gay rights, but that California citizens voted in 2000 against gay marriage, which was the reason he made the decision he did.

Arnold went on to say that it was a difficult choice for him to make, and that he plans on putting it up to another vote soon. “Arnold” then suggested that George work with him one-on-one in order to get a same-sex marriage bill passed. George responded that he’d be “more than enthusiastic” to work with “Arnold,” and that he’d do whatever he could to help. However, when Howard asked “Arnold” if he had anything else to say, “Arnold” replied that “s*** happens.” Howard then wondered how many times they could dupe George with the fake “Arnold,” who said they should try it everyday for three weeks. After being fooled with the same prank for the second time this week, George commented that he still wanted to keep the clip of “Arnold” saying he supports gay marriage so he could pass it off as authentic. George went on to note that if he is ever able to get married to his partner, Brad, he’d be sure to invite Howard to the ceremony. Howard joked, though, that, although he supports gay marriage, he doesn’t think gay “Star Trek” characters should be able to tie the knot. Howard then sang a parody to the tune of Christina Aguleria’s “Beautiful” in honor of George.