The Heat is Still On

January 12, 2006

Howard began the show mentioning that he’s been receiving more press than e ever and that some religious organizations have already started going after him for being obscene on SIRIUS. In fact, Howard said he’s been reading so many stories about this topic that he even asked his lawyer if he should actually be worried. However, Howard noted that his lawyer assured him that the charges were frivolous.

Howard went on to say that the Alliance Defense Fund is the latest religious group to attack him, and that another organization, the Adult Freedom Foundation, is actually sticking up for him. Howard added that he can’t understand why he’s being called obscene for a radio show when the country is in a war that was based on a lie and priests who molest children are simply moved to different parishes after performing their crimes. In addition, Howard pointed out that there are disturbing sex sites on the internet that are much more graphic than anything he does on the air.