Anything for the Animals

The King of All Media attended a charity event

January 13, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that he went to an event with Beth yesterday to support the North Shore Animal League, and ended up giving an impromptu interview with Cindy Adams from “The New York Post.”

Howard said that Cindy first asked him about his debut week on SIRIUS before she got into other topics. Howard went on to note that he found out that Cindy is writing a book about her recently deceased dog and that she’s afraid of coming on the show to promote it out of fear that he’ll “rip her apart.”

Howard added that, even though he didn’t think there was a big demand for an appearance by Cindy on the show, he promised her he wouldn’t be overly harsh to her if it did happen. Howard commented that the biggest problem he had with his encounter with Cindy was that she asked to have dinner with him and, not knowing how to get out of it, he told her he would.

In addition, Howard agreed to attend some of Cindy’s dinner parties, before then giving her his home phone number. Artie responded that, unless he was just blatantly rude to Cindy, Howard couldn’t have handled the situation in any other way.

When George told Howard that he should’ve informed Cindy that he needed to check his calendar before making plans, Robin said that scheme doesn’t always work either, adding that most people will just give a number of potential dates until an open one is found.