Trying to Avoid Germs

Howard gets busted by the Howard 100 News for wearing gloves at a recent charity event

January 13, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G. from The Howard 100 News came into the studio to report on what stories will be on today’s broadcast of ‘The News.’

Lisa told Howard that the major story she’s putting together has to do with a picture she saw of him taken at yesterday’s North Shore Animal League fundraiser. Lisa explained that, in the photograph in question, Howard was wearing gloves even though he was inside.

This led Howard to admit that he left out that detail when he brought up the fundraiser earlier, and went on to say that he wore the gloves because he didn’t want to touch anyone’s hand at the event. Howard also noted that when Cindy Adams questioned why he was sporting the gloves, he lied that it was because he walked to the fundraiser and didn’t have anyplace to put them once he arrived.

After Howard acknowledged that he uses baby wipes constantly when he can’t wash his hands after shaking someone’s hand, Gary noted that Howard does that regardless of whose hand he shakes.

Robin then acknowledged that she was surprised to learn about Howard’s routine, adding that she didn’t think he was over his OCD.