Looking at JD’s Dream Girl

January 17, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned that he ran into JD in the hall, and that he was nervous about admitting that he spent $10,000 in the last eight years on internet porn. Howard checked out one of JD’s favorite webcam girls, Kissyphur’s, website and pointed out that Kissyphur looked a little chubby, while Bob thought she looked like “Benjy changing.” JD reminded Howard that he never claimed Kissyphur was the most attractive girl on the webcam sites, but that she’s one of the “coolest.” Howard responded that he thinks JD likes Kissyphur so much because of her weight, adding that her heftiness makes JD feel like he has a chance with her. Howard also commented that Kissyphur charges $2.69 per minute, which is more than JD said he spent. Since JD acknowledged that he sometimes talks to Kissyphur for half an hour, Artie told him he could get “two crack whores and a pizza” for the amount of money he was spending on the calls.