Ivan Reitman Calls in to Wish Howard Happy Birthday

January 18, 2006

Ivan Reitman, who was the executive producer of “Private Parts,” called in to wish Howard a happy birthday. Ivan mentioned that he wanted to attend Robin’s party for Howard on Friday, but that his shooting schedule prevented him from doing so. Howard replied that he was actually relieved Ivan wasn’t there, because he would’ve felt the need to make sure Ivan was having a good time the entire night. Howard then brought up that the movie Ivan is currently filming stars Uma Thurman, a woman Howard wondered if he could’ve “gotten” when she was on the show to promote “Kill Bill” a few years back. Although Ivan implied that he didn’t think Howard had much of a chance with Uma, Fred felt otherwise, noting that Uma’s alleged relationship with Quentin Tarantino suggested she doesn’t go after just a certain type of guy. Robin agreed with Fred’s opinion, and added that Uma was the one who booked herself on the show, which, to her, meant Uma really wanted to talk to Howard.