Press Missing the Point

January 18, 2006

Howard started the show announcing that The Daily News had a report about his plastic surgery revelation on the front page. Howard commented that the article wasn’t complimentary toward him and that its headline was: “If you got a nose job, Howard, you should’ve gotten your money back!” Howard also noted that David Hinckley of The Daily News took a shot at him as well in his column this morning. Howard explained that Hinckley criticized SIRIUS for not releasing numbers of how many people actually listen to each channel and thus not being able to accurately say how many people tune into the show.

Despite the complaint, Howard pointed out that, to him, the best part about SIRIUS is that it doesn’t cater to the masses like terrestrial radio does and, therefore, has no need to crunch those kinds of numbers. Instead, Howard commented that SIRIUS’ channels are programmed for people who want to hear certain kinds of music or entertainment, regardless of the number of listeners each one attracts.