The Life of a Bachelor

Howard reminisces about life post-divorce.

January 19, 2006

While Robin was doing the news, Howard got into a discussion of what his love life was like immediately following his divorce. Howard explained that, because he had to get up so early on weekdays, he used to make Ralph accompany him to clubs long before most people would go out. Howard then recalled that during one such excursion, he began talking to an aspiring model who was more than willing to go home with him. However, Howard reported that as he and the girl were leaving the club, she called one of the club’s bouncers the n-word to his face, and then continued to yell the word as loudly as she could. Howard said that what scared him the most about the incident was that, since the bouncer wouldn’t hit the girl for her remarks, he figured he’d come after him instead. Given this, Howard jumped into a cab in an effort to get away, only to have the girl jump in the cab with him. Fortunately he was able to drop her off quickly and hasn’t heard from her since.