Howard Sets the Record Straight

January 24, 2006

Howard began the show noting, once again, that he’s had no conversations with SIRIUS executives about the potential of censoring the show and that yesterday’s front page story in The New York Post was “100 percent false.” Howard then mentioned that he has a delay button at his disposal, as was reported in the article, but that he’s the only one who has access to it. Howard added that he was the one who requested the button be at his disposal and that he will use it solely for purposes of editing out possibly libelous or slanderous statements made on the show.

Howard mentioned that television stations picked up The Post article, but that the subsequent stories got morphed into something that was even more untrue than the original report. Howard explained that Fox News, for example, even ran stories yesterday that he’s on the verge of leaving SIRIUS because of the alleged restrictions. To add insult to injury, Howard announced that Neil Cavuto, who hosts a show on Fox, had “Howard Stern expert” Chaunce Hayden on his show. Before he got to the clip, Howard pointed out that Hayden is no more an expert on him than any other of his listeners and has never been affiliated with the show in any way. In fact, Howard added that he hasn’t allowed Hayden to even be on the show for over a year because he can no longer trust him.

In the report, Hayden claimed that, for a year SIRIUS executives “got them all into a room” and promised that there’d be “no commercials” as well as no restrictions on what Howard could say, adding that the news of censorship has caused him to feel “scammed.” Hayden went on to say that, not only does SIRIUS need to start attracting big corporate advertisers in order to make a profit, but also that Howard is doing his show for the money.Howard commented that not only did no one ever claim there would be no commercials on his show, but also if Hayden’s claim about Howard being in this for the money was true, he would’ve never gotten into the radio business in the first place. Howard added that he could’ve comfortably retired after his Infinity contract expired in December, but that he didn’t do so because of his passion for his work. When Hayden next said that “the fist in the air, free speech, uncensored radio” that has been promoted by SIRIUS is “a big load of bull,” Robin commented that she thought Hayden sounded as though he was hurt that Howard decided to not let him on the show anymore and was, therefore, taking shots at him.

More Than Just Money

Howard noted that Hayden isn’t a “Howard Stern expert” and that he’s nothing more than a guy who wants to get attention from the show. Robin then reminded Howard that Hayden broke down in tears several times when he competed in the “Win John’s Job” contest, and, again, that his interview on Fox made him sound like he was upset about being shunned from the show. Robin went on to say that she knows firsthand Howard isn’t in radio strictly for the money, explaining that she’s seen him quit high-paying jobs despite having financial responsibilities. Howard then challenged Hayden’s assertion that he would’ve stayed with Infinity had he been offered a larger salary there. Howard added that he turned down Infinity’s request to renew his contract because of the censorship he was facing on regular radio – NOT for money.

Howard commented that, while it was wrong for Hayden to say he was an expert, it was even worse that Fox News didn’t do any research about his history before letting him on its airwaves, nor did Cavuto challenge any of the ridiculous claims the guy made on his show. Howard again assured everyone that he hasn’t been censored by SIRIUS and that no trust has been broken between the company and him. Howard then said that, since the Fox building is located right by the SIRIUS building, he plans on going to find out for himself why the station labeled Hayden an expert given his lack of credentials.

A Real Expert Chimes In

Howard reported that Neil Cavuto wasn’t the only Fox talk show host discussing him yesterday. Howard proceeded to play a clip of Fox’s John Gibson interviewing Paul Hine from Billboard Magazine on the topic. In the tape, Paul explained that Howard denied the validity of The New York Post article and that it made no sense that SIRIUS would pay him as much money as it did and then change the rules a short time into the deal. John then admitted that Howard hasn’t used “the seven deadly words” as often as most people thought he would, and ended the interview with Paul when he realized he wasn’t going to get him to make any inflammatory statements about Howard.