Jon Hein Finds Job Security on the Stern Show

January 25, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said that, as long as he’s at SIRIUS, Jon Hein will have a career there as well. Howard went on to report that Jon did such a good job interviewing his parents, Ray and Ben, on “Meet the Sterns” last night that the hour flew by.

Jon reported that Ben had three pages of written notes chronicling topics he wanted to cover for his appearance and that, at one point, he commented to Jon that he wanted to talk about how he and Ray stay in shape.

Jon added that Ben comes into the studio “very, very prepared.” Howard commented that he can’t get a read as to whether or not his parents want to do more editions “Meet the Sterns.” Howard said that, while his mother said she and Ben will do anything he wants, they also don’t like to be taken out of their routine at night.

However, Robin went on to say that the Sterns represent “a unit of what married people used to be,” while Gary pointed out they’re “a team” and that they “stand up for one another” and should continue their run. Howard decided that he’d talk to his parents to get a better reading of their feelings on the subject.