Dinner with the Stars

January 30, 2006

Howard brought up that a friend of his invited him to dinner on Friday and that Barbara Walters, Charlie Rose and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson were just a few of the guests in attendance. Howard said that he talked to Barbara quite a bit during the dinner and that she’s “very intelligent” and “a good conversationalist.”

Howard noted that he had fun at the dinner, but that having to talk to other celebrities drained him. Although Artie felt Howard was really good at schmoozing with people, Howard contended that it takes too much out of him and that he doesn’t enjoy doing it. Artie commented that working as a longshoreman was easier than trying to be entertaining for that very reason. Howard agreed with Artie, adding that one of his favorite jobs was when he used to wash dishes, because he could do his work and not have to worry about anything else.