Danny Bonaduce Shows How to Be a Macho Man

January 30, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Danny Bonaduce, who’ll be hosting his own show every day this week from 1-4PM on Howard100, came into the studio, Howard assured him that his program on SIRIUS would be the best radio experience he’s ever had. Howard then mentioned that Danny was in an accident a few months ago, but that he ripped off the casts he had on his arms, despite the fact that his arms were broken. Danny responded that he didn’t “rip off” the casts, but instead cut them off and that he did so because he didn’t like the attention they were bringing him. After explaining that his arms were “filled with steel” which was helping to correct his broken bones, Danny went on to reveal that he plans to start taking steroids again when his body mends.