Goodbye to Grandpa Al

February 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that Karen, who was married to Al Lewis (also known as Grandpa Munster), was on the line. Karen told Howard that, contrary to what he thought, Al and Fred Gwynne were the best of friends who became even closer after “The Munsters” ended. In addition, Karen said that Al had good relationships with all three of his sons. When Howard mentioned that one of Al’s sons claimed that his father lied about his age, Karen responded that while she was under the impression that he was 95, she added that, according to Al’s Screen Actors Guild card, he was younger. Karen also commented that Al received a letter Howard had written to him a year ago and that he was so moved by it that he saved it.

Howard wanted to know if Karen and Al engaged in intercourse during his final years. Karen replied that Al was a “wonderful, loving husband,” before adding that they had to be “careful” the last five months of Al’s life because he was in a rehab center. Karen went on to say that, despite their 30+ year age difference, she always found Al attractive. Karen then reported that Al left her “a lot of money,” and that Al’s sons are all successful on their own and are therefore not battling her for the money.