To Each Scott Ferrall’s Own

February 10, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Scott Ferrall, who made his Howard 101 debut last night, came into the studio to talk about tonight’s broadcast, which will air from 8-11. Before he got to that, Scott brought up his new wife. Gary reported that Scott was having laser eye surgery a few years ago, and that he had so much valium that he started groping his nurse, who turned out to be his future-wife. Scott added that he refers to his second wife as “34C” because she has the same first name as his first wife. Scott also mentioned that, like Howard, he finds Janet Jones to be “smoking hot,” but that part of his attraction to her is her gambling habit. Scott explained he likes that about Janet because he gambles as well and can relate to her struggle.

Scott recalled that he began in radio by doing a sports show in Indiana and that, throughout his career, radio executives have hated him, even though they always hired him. Because of his history with alcohol, Howard wondered if Scott had ever been in rehab. Scott responded that he’s been a heavy drinker for years, but that he’s never had to seek professional help to deal with his habit. Scott added that he stopped most of his destructive behavior 14 months ago when his first child was born. Scott also acknowledged that some of his behavior during his career – including falling asleep on the air and making threatening phone calls – has gotten him in trouble, but that he’s learned how to behave better now that he’s a father.

Scott said that he had a great time on his show last night and felt that it went well. Scott also pointed out that his show is more than just sports and that he touches on current events, entertainment and business as well. Howard then noted that Scott’s voice is very unusual. Scott replied that people often tell him that, but that he has no polyps and it doesn’t hurt when he speaks. Scott proceeded to get back to the topic of his show, explaining that the flow and pace of it is “unequaled.” In addition, Scott added that his show was so wild yesterday that men and women alike called in to announce that they were pleasuring themselves to his broadcast.