Getting One More Chance

February 13, 2006

Eric the Midget called in to tell Howard that he was now willing to do the “American Idol Wrap Up Show” he pitched a few weeks ago, but ended up canceling once the opportunity actually arose. Gary came into the studio and told Howard that he’s been ready to debut Eric’s program for a while, but that Eric has refused to cooperate. Gary commented that he even has former “American Idol” co-host, Brian Dunkleman, as well as country artists, Big and Rich, lined up as guests for the show, but that they’re just sitting there since Eric won’t agree to actually go through with the broadcast. Eric responded to the news that he was happy, although Howard questioned his sincerity.

Eric explained that he has an issue flying because of his condition, which is the reason he hasn’t done his program, but added that he had a solution. Eric said he hopes to be a correspondent for Bubba’s show at an upcoming NASCAR race in Los Angeles and that he’d like to do his wrap up show from SIRIUS’ studio there. However, when Eric admitted that he hadn’t heard back from Bubba about his proposal, Howard pointed out that his scheme didn’t sound like it was going to pan out.