Butch Patrick Opens Up About His ‘Munsters’ Co-star ‘Grandpa’ Al Lewis’s Funeral

February 15, 2006

Butch Patrick, who played Eddie on “The Munsters,” called in to talk about Grandpa Al’s funeral. Butch reported that he’ll not only be attending the service, but that he’ll be driving the Dragula, which was the Munster family hot rod used in the show, to it. Butch also noted that he’ll be saying a few words at the funeral about his relationship with Grandpa Al. However, when Howard told Butch that he was turning down his invitation to do the same, Eddie replied that he thought people would understand his decision.

After Butch recalled that he lost his virginity at 15 and had sex with twins just three years later, he informed Howard that he’s now making his living in the real estate. Butch explained that he’s a spokesperson for a time share business in Las Vegas, and that people wishing to celebrate their second honeymoon in the city can do so for free by calling a toll-free number. Although Butch claimed there were no catches to the offer, Gary got him to reveal that people who get the free trips will, in fact, have to attend a 90-minute seminar about the time shares while they’re in Las Vegas. However, Butch also pointed out that the seminar is very entertaining, noting that its hosted by celebrities like Tanya Roberts, Alan Thicke, Jamie Farr, Jeff Conaway, Bernie Kopell, Lorenzo Lamas, David Faustino, Dawn Wells, and Lisa Loring.

Despite Butch’s insistence that there’s no pressure at the seminars for people to buy the timeshares, Gary recalled that his father once attended such an event, and that he was hassled for years by the sales people. Upon learning some of the details about the timeshares, Howard wondered if the celebrities at the seminars sign autographs. Butch replied that most of the celebrities will do “whatever the customers want,” within reason.