There’s a Little Pat In Everyone

February 15, 2006

Lisa Rinna from “Dancing with the Stars” called in to talk about her role on the show. As soon as Lisa got on the line, Howard began reading portions of the infamous Pat O’Brien sex-call transcripts to her. Not realizing that he was doing so, Lisa replied to Howard’s comments, which, again, were actually Pats, by saying that he must “really be obsessed with her.”

Lisa wanted to know what Howard’s opinions were about this season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Howard told her that he doesn’t like that Stacy Keibler, another of the show’s contestants, has a background in dancing and that he also doesn’t believe Lisa will win. Howard explained that he didn’t think women would like her because of her good looks and overall pampered life – and will therefore not vote for her.

Howard pointed out that Lisa has a great body, but that, to him, she went “too big” on her lips. Lisa noted that she’s always been in pretty good shape, but that she really toned up because of the amount of time she now spends dancing each day. Lisa told Howard, though, that she heard he had some harsh criticisms about her lips, but that she didn’t want to hear his comments on a one-to-one basis. Howard proceeded to read more of the Pat O’Brien transcript, which continued to flatter Lisa.

Lisa revealed that she’s slept with only five men in her life and that she’s been with her husband, Harry Hamlin, for 14 years. Lisa went on to report that she and Harry sometimes “get crazy,” explaining that she’s been known to dress up in lingerie and perform stripteases for him. However, Howard told Lisa that what she was describing didn’t sound particularly “crazy” to him, before reading more of the Pat O’Brien interview. Upon hearing Howard’s latest suggestions about what they should do sexually, Lisa replied that he was “incredible.”