Welcome to the Doghouse

February 16, 2006

A caller wanted to know if Howard had any new information about the upcoming Howard Film Festival. Howard responded by trying to get Doug Goodstein, the executive producer of Howard TV, into the studio so he could talk about the festival’s details. However, since Doug wasn’t in the building, he called in and promised Howard that he’ll have his report for the festival ready on Tuesday. After Doug also mentioned that there are legal issues that still need to be addressed, Howard sarcastically thanked him and got him off the line.

Howard pointed out the SIRIUS system in his car has been acting funny and that his two channels skip whenever he tunes into them. When Ronnie the Limo Driver came into the studio and noted that he’d look into the matter, Howard replied that he’s made Ronnie aware of the problem several times in the past, but that he hasn’t done anything to fix it. Ronnie claimed that Howard’s troubles weren’t his fault, and that he’d get in touch with the necessary people to get to the bottom of it. As Ronnie left the studio, Howard asked if anyone else wanted to know what he or she was doing wrong.