‘DABA’ Sets His Sights Highter

February 21, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard revealed that he got a message saying that JD recently confessed his crush on Liz Aiello, the news director of The Howard 100 News. JD came into the studio and claimed that he casually flirts with Liz whenever he gets the chance and that he couldn’t remember what he said to her when he admitted his crush. After hearing this, Artie responded that he hoped JD didn’t confuse Liz with Kissyphur and accidentally ask her about her nipple clamps and how many fingers she can put in herself. JD went on to say that he didn’t walk up to Liz out of the blue and profess his love to her, but that the topic of his crush came up during one of their normal conversations. Liz called in and reported that JD’s gesture was sweet, but that she’s old enough to be his mother. Liz then recalled that JD came into her office last week and said his heart was broken when he discovered she was married. Although Liz insisted she was complimented by JD’s remarks, Howard asked her if she’d be interested in JD if she wasn’t married. When Liz admitted that she probably wouldn’t be willing to date JD if she were single, Artie assured JD that he could relate to the rejection from women he must constantly experience. Artie added that, unfortunately, the only way JD will ever be able to change how women see him is if he starts earning a lot of money.