Wild Girls Finish Last

February 23, 2006

Howard got Lisa Rinna, who was voted off of last week’s “Dancing with the Stars,” on the line to say how disappointed he was with her ejection from the show. Lisa claimed that people are outraged at the decision and that fans approach her on the street to let her know that she was “robbed.” However, Lisa reported that she has been in negotiations to do more television shows because of her time on “Dancing with the Stars,” so she hopes some good will come out of the experience. Howard recommended that Lisa should “strike while the iron is hot” with the offers she’s receiving, noting that Kelly Monaco, one of the contestants on last year’s “Dancing with the Stars,” didn’t take advantage of the opportunities she had once she got voted off the program.

Howard thought Lisa came off as someone who is wild sexually, so he asked her to talk about her craziest experience. Lisa acknowledged that, in addition to dressing up for her husband, Harry Hamlin, she also took part in a class taught by a sex therapist to improve her oral sex skills. Lisa explained that she learned through the course that she “wasn’t being specific enough” when performing oral sex, but that she now has much more “confidence.” After Howard mentioned that he’s known women who could finish him off in a matter of seconds with just their mouths, he suggested that Lisa and Harry get together with him and Beth when the couple comes to New York next month.