Filth Finds a Home

March 1, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that “The Red Peters Show” is returning to Howard 100 on a weekly basis starting tonight at 8 o’clock and had Red into the studio to discuss his show. Red said will focus on nothing but filthy songs and will feature lesser-known numbers, as well as tracks from mainstream musicians. Robin told Red that she loved his first broadcast and that she had no idea so many dirty songs exist. Red replied that there are so many dirty songs out there that he’s separating tonight’s show into segments, including rock, rap and country. Howard then had Red sing one of his own songs, “Blow Me, You Hardly Even Know Me,” which Red said was directed at Gilbert.

Production is Key

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Following the performance, Howard noted that he wished people could’ve seen “the look of discomfort” on Gilbert’s face as he was being serenaded. Howard went on to comment that “Blow Me” had high production values, which he guessed were important even to dirty songs. Red agreed with Howard’s assessment and added that he got over 100 submissions of homemade filthy songs from listeners after his first broadcast, but that most of them were unusable because of their poor production.

More Freedom Has Its Price

Red mentioned that, since his last appearance on the show, he’s had a heart attack, a battle with skin cancer and is currently getting divorced from his wife. When Red commented that his wife’s lawyer will probably come after him following some revelations he made, Howard assured him not to worry because “no one will hear it,” to which Gilbert, still upset about not seizing the opportunity to promote his DVD at KROCK, responded, “Don’t I know!”