Lights, Camera, Action

March 2, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that he’s already started his entry for next month’s Howard Stern Film Festival and Robin said she has an idea for her movie as well. When Howard added that he saw JD filming his movie yesterday, Robin pointed out that she thinks she’s actually in JD’s project informing him how bad it will be. Howard again pointed out that there are no boundaries for the subject matter of people’s entries for the festival as long as they have some connection to the show.

Howard went on to say that highlights from his SIRIUS broadcasts will start being shown on Howard TV in a few weeks, and will include the women – and “man” – who’ve ridden the Sybian, as well as a drunken Henry Hill, his press tour, the construction of his studio and footage of his surprise birthday party. Howard added that it’s an exciting time for him, and that even the lawsuit is helping him because it’s attracting new subscribers to SIRIUS.