A Pain Like No Other

March 6, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary brought a guy named Neil into the studio, Neil had called in last week to see if he could get a tour of SIRIUS. Neil mentioned that the studio looked great, before saying that he’s a nurse at a hospital in Boston. Neil added that the stigma attached to male nurses is going away, but Howard told him the people in the studio didn’t share that opinion. Neil went on to say that he has to shave both men and women for various procedures, including when men have to have catheters inserted into their penises. Artie responded that he almost punched a nurse once when he was having a catheter put into his penis. Artie explained that he was having the tube put into him because doctors thought he had overdosed. Artie then admitted that he had “sort of overdosed,” but that his high disappeared as soon as the catheter was put into his penis. Artie also commented that the incident was enough to get him to stop doing cocaine, which was the drug caused him to have to get the catheter in the first place.