Cigars Aren’t Gay

March 6, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kenneth Keith acknowledged that the cigar revelation was his and that it happened 15 years ago during a drunken stupor. Janks responded to the revelation by pointing out that the act was gay, which led Kenneth to wonder, “Why would you say that?” Janks then mentioned that, on the way to the studio, Kenneth admitted to him that he once chased his dog in an attempt to have sex with it and that he thought that should’ve been his revelation. Because everyone insisted that a man putting a cigar in his rectum was a gay act and because Kenneth’s defense to the accusation was that the cigar wasn’t a penis, Howard asked what the difference between a penis and a cigar was. However, although Howard was trying to get to the bottom of the confusion, Kenneth replied, “What’s the difference between a blonde and a washing machine? A blonde doesn’t follow you around for a week after you put a load in her.”