A Major Wack Pack Revelation

March 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got Cliff Palate on the phone to talk about why he’s in the hospital. Cliff told Howard that he had problems with his kidneys and that he’s been in the hospital for a week because of them. After unsuccessfully trying to find out the details about his condition from Cliff himself, Howard again brought up that Cliff’s mom could’ve helped fix his speaking problems had she simply paid for the necessary surgery when he was younger that would’ve fixed his cleft palate.However, even though Cliff has claimed since he started appearing on the show that he has a cleft palate, he revealed today that he has been lying and that he actually only has a speech impediment. When Howard pointed out that Cliff assured him that he had a hole in the top of his mouth that showed he had a cleft palate, Cliff admitted that he made up that story as well. Cliff went on to say that he kept the story going mostly because he didn’t want to lose the nickname Howard gave him.

Howard wondered if Cliff felt badly at the accusations he made against his mom throughout the years. Shuli, who reported yesterday on a story about Cliff for The Howard 100 News, called in and said that he spoke to Cliff’s mom for the piece and that she’s a nice woman. This led Howard to say that he was upset for Cliff’s mom, because, while her son insisted she neglected him when he was young, she actually did all she could to help him, including taking him to speech therapists. In fact, Howard noted that he was so disappointed with Cliff that he was changing his name to Pinocchio.

Shuli informed Howard that Cliff was admitted to the hospital to take care of some aneurysms he had above his kidneys. Howard commented that he hopes Cliff feels better and that he’ll have to come onto the show once he’s released from the hospital so they can further discuss his revelation.