Quality Time With Sean

March 9, 2006

Howard played some clips of the second part of his interview with Sean Hannity that aired last night on Fox. In the first clip, Howard talked about how important his children are to him and that he values his relationship with them over anything else.

Following the tape, Howard explained that his kids have always had the ability to pull him out of his work mode and that they’re the main reason he gets pleasure out of life. Robin agreed that Howard’s kids are good at bringing perspective to situations and recalled that, when they had been fired from WNBC and she was feeling worthless because of it, it was the hug she received from one of Howard’s daughters that made her feel better about life. In the second clip, Howard and Sean discussed God and religion.

During the talk, Howard admitted that he has a problem believing that a magical being who watches over everyone actually exists. But that’s he’s too afraid of saying that God doesn’t exist out of fear of what will happen to him if He actually does. After the tape, Howard mentioned that he can be convinced either way on the topic of God and that, outside of radio, his beliefs in general are “very wishy-washy.”