Talking About the ‘Late Show’

March 14, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard began the show mentioning that he read in the New York Post this morning that CBS released a statement saying he “sounded desperate” during his appearance last night on “Late Show.”

Artie added that all the CBS promos he saw for “Late Show” only mentioned Carrie Underwood’s appearance and neglected to mention Howard all together.

While Gary reported that there were very few commercials for the program during the NCAA games on CBS over the weekend, although they usually promote the hell out of Letterman.

Howard noted that he thought there were some discussions among CBS execs after he recorded his interview yesterday about whether they wanted to air the broadcast.

Howard explained that he felt this way because Vinnie Favale didn’t call him afterwards to tell him how well he did.

Howard commented that Dave was “hell bent” on having him on his show and booked him as soon as the lawsuit was announced. Howard went on to say that he had to take a serious approach to portions of the interview because he wanted to let people know that he’s being forced to defend himself against a “huge” corporation.

Howard added that, if nothing else, he hopes his appearance with Dave will bring more subscribers to SIRIUS.