Greg Fitzsimmons Sits in for the News

March 15, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Comedian, Greg Fitzsimmons, came into the studio to sit in for the news. Greg brought up that he’ll be hosting his second straight Adult Video News Awards ceremony this year and that he had a good time as host last year. Greg explained that the producers of the ceremony warned him during his first appearance that the porn crowd is a tough one to win over, but that he felt he was able to do so. Greg went on to say that he received $5,000, a free flight and hotel room, as well $20,000 worth of porn DVDs for the job. Greg added that Tabitha Stevens even offered to perform oral sex on him if he agreed to say something nice about her when he was onstage. However, because he’s married, Greg noted that he refused Tabitha’s offer.

After playing some clips of Greg’s routine at last year’s AVN Awards, Tabitha called in to claim that she not only didn’t offer to give Greg oral sex in exchange for an onstage compliment, but that she wasn’t even at last year’s ceremony. Greg responded that his conversation with Tabitha actually occurred in New York and that there were other people around them at the time who could corroborate his story. However, Tabitha insisted that if she made the offer to Greg it was in jest, although she didn’t remember saying it in the first place. Jeff the Drunk then got on the line and called Tabitha a “lying f’ing c*nt” before saying that, even though he wasn’t there, he’s familiar enough with her character to know Greg must be telling the truth. Howard admitted that he didn’t know who to believe and pointed out that now there’s a new controversy surrounding the show.

Greg mentioned that, in order to prepare for his role as host of the AVN Awards, he visited the sets of several porn shoots to see just how hard porn stars work. Greg then mentioned that he witnessed one interaction where a woman was standing on her head while a man was “doing squats into her.” Greg added that when he got home he was so charged up that he “went at it” with everything he had with his wife, but was only rewarded with slipped a disc in his lower back for his efforts. This led Greg to point out that he always liked the work of porn stars, but it wasn’t until he saw their work ethic firsthand that he truly started to appreciate it.