A Special Sneak Peek

March 16, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Rob Jacobson, the president and CEO of iNDEMAND, came into the studio to report that thousands of Cablevision subscribers have ordered Howard TV since last night, and that the service has been a great success. Rob then mentioned that he’d known all along that Howard’s fans wanted uncensored video footage of his radio show and that he was glad a deal was able to be reached to provide it. Howard went on to say that his submission to The Howard Stern Film Festival is simply entitled “Fred,” while Sal’s entry is a Claymation piece where Robin’s meats and vegetables come to life. After Robin mentioned that her film will be a spoof of “TransAmerica,” Doug Goodstein came into the studio and reminded everyone that the festival will be held on April 27th, and that the deadline for submissions is April 11th. Doug also announced that the prizes, which include cash and merchandise, for the three top spots have been increased, and are now worth $21,000, $9,600 and $4,600, respectively.