One and Done

March 20, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard reported that since Eric the Midget felt like his “The ‘American Idol’ Wrap Up Show” was a setup so that people could call in and ask him embarrassing questions, he left a message vowing to never be on the program again. However, Howard said that, shortly after the call, Eric phoned in again and left another voicemail explaining that he’d rethink his decision if Howard was able to book Carrie Underwood for another edition of his show. Howard went on to note that, when that didn’t happen, Eric sent an e-mail that called him “evil,” and that he left a phone message for Will blaming him for letting through only negative calls to his show. After playing a clip of the latest call, Howard noted that Will wasn’t responsible for screening the calls for “The ‘American Idol’ Wrap Up Show,” which meant that the information Eric had received wasn’t accurate.