Sticking with Sirius

March 20, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that he did an interview about his lawsuit with Variety recently, but that the article never appeared in the publication. Howard went on to say that, although he was never informed why the piece didn’t run, he thought the amount of advertising CBS does in the magazine might have something to do with it. Howard then took a call from a listener who wanted to know if there were any plans to make Howard100 bumper stickers. When Howard responded that he doesn’t like the way bumper stickers look on cars, Robin told him that many people have them, so that he should consider that type of advertising.

Gary came into the studio and brought up that most people put bumper stickers on their cars because they want to show that they’re a member of a club or group and that he sees them all the time. However, Howard replied that he doesn’t understand why people would put anything controversial on their cars, explaining that it’s not a good idea to give other drivers the opportunity to get angry. Artie then commented that Norm MacDonald once told him about his idea to make a bumper sticker that was offensive to everyone. Artie said that Norm’s bumper sticker would read “I Love N*ggers” and that it would not only offend black people because of the use of the n-word, but racists would hate it too because it meant that the owner of the sticker likes black people. Howard responded that they should put the bumper sticker on a car in Harlem and a car in the South and see which one ends up being damaged more.

Howard commented that Ronnie was one person who has an infatuation with bumper stickers, noting that the back of his Escalade was covered with them. After Howard described all the bumper stickers that Ronnie has on the vehicle, including one of the SIRIUS dog, Ronnie mentioned that the dog had been named Mongo by some NASCAR guy. This led Howard to point out that the logo for SIRIUS was picked because it represents the Dog Star – SIRIUS, which he admitted was a stretch for people to understand. Artie then noted that he’s a big fan of Dog Star, but explained that he was talking about Keanu Reeves’ band and not the actual star Howard was discussing. A quick search through SIRIUS’ vast music database by Fred failed to turn up anything by the Matrix star’s band though.