Ronnie and Scott Meet Their Hero

March 23, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch, was in the SIRIUS building yesterday and that he heard Ronnie the Limo Driver and Scott the Engineer were beside themselves over it. Ronnie came into the studio and reported that, since Gary couldn’t give Kurt a tour of the studio as he had planned, he asked if Ronnie could do it instead. Ronnie claimed that he was conversational with Kurt, but that he didn’t turn into an annoying fan just because he’s admires Kurt. However, Gary entered the studio and informed Howard that Ronnie and Scott were both “peppering Kurt with questions” and that Ronnie got the business card of Kurt’s manager during their time together. Ronnie responded that he did get the card from Kurt’s manager, but insisted that he didn’t act inappropriately in Kurt’s presence. When Scott came into the studio to defend himself, Artie pointed out that, given Kurt’s profession, it wasn’t the best idea for him to be socializing with Scott, seeing as yesterday he admitted to having “a black cloud over his head.”