Tori Spelling: So No-Tori-Ous

March 30, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had Tori Spelling in the studio to talk about her new VH1 comedy, “So noTORIous.” As soon as Tori walked in, Howard commented that her breasts looked great, while Robin mentioned that “the girls were out.” Tori responded that she didn’t mind Howard’s remarks, explaining that she wouldn’t have worn the provocative top she had on if she didn’t want him looking at them. Tori then said that, although “So noTORIous” is based on her life, there are some aspects of it that aren’t true. To illustrate her point, Tori said that her real-life mother doesn’t have an eBay room like her television mom, played by Lonnie Anderson, has on the program. Tori went on to report that she’s read her father is worth $400 million, and that both of her parents are still speaking to her, despite some of the scenes in “So noTORIous.”

Tori reported that her first wedding, which she said cost less than $1 million, was held at her parents’ mansion, and that many of her “90210” co-stars like, Jason Priestly, Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Ian Ziering and Jennie Garth were among those in attendance. However, Tori added that, soon after getting married, she met an actor named Dean McDermott on the set of a movie they were filming, “Mind Over Murder” and that she immediately knew he was her soul mate. Tori added that she left her husband in order to have a relationship with Dean and that he also divorced his wife to be with her. Tori claimed that she was never physical with Dean while she was still married, before pointing out that, she broke the news to her then husband with her psychiatrist present – which Howard thought was a brilliant strategy. Tori also mentioned that her parents weren’t thrilled with her decision to leave her husband for Dean and that they haven’t met the new guy yet, even though they’re now engaged.

Tori reported that Dean is so in love with her that he got a tattoo of her face on his back, as well as one that reads “Truly Deeply Madly Tori” on his arm. After Artie stated that he’d get a tattoo of “a hot chick who’s dad has $400,000,000” too if he were Dean, Tori said that she wants to get a tattoo to honor Dean, but can’t decide where she’ll put it. Tori then commented that Dean and his ex-wife adopted a child a month before their marriage ended and that he has a seven-year-old biological son with her as well.

Tori said that Dean is a big fan of Howard’s and that he didn’t accompany her this morning because he was flying into New York at that very moment. When Howard asked Tori if she considered her first husband her soul mate when they got married, she insisted she didn’t have the same feelings toward him as she does Dean. In fact, Tori said that she’s so in love with Dean that she’ll do anything with him sexually and wouldn’t deny (or confirm) that she’s ever “tossed his salad.”