The Man Who Helps Other Find True Mexican Love

April 3, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had Ivan Thompson, a man who fixes up men with Mexican women for future marriages, into the studio to talk about his business. Ivan noted that most men who call his service are divorced and want “greener pastures.” Ivan added that he “didn’t do no 25 year study to see who’d make the greatest wife in the world,” and that he chose Mexican women because of the country’s proximity to his own home state, New Mexico. After saying that Mexican women tend to be “more home-orientated” than American women are, Ivan noted that the women he offers range from ugly to medium to “real pretty.” Ivan also said that he used to have a Mexican wife himself, but that, after a nine-year relationship with her, she became “Americanized” and began bossing him around, which led to their divorce.

In addition, Ivan said that his ex-wife informed him when they first met that she had only one child, but that he soon found out she actually had four. When Howard then asked if it would be possible for him to get “a hot 21-year-old Mexican woman,” Ivan told him that he’d need to get in touch with David Copperfield to make that happen. Robin commented that she didn’t think Ivan was portraying his service in a positive light, pointing out that his marriage lasted only nine years and that his former wife lied about how many children she had. However, Howard told Robin that, although Ivan’s program might not be for everyone, there are many “lonely guys” out there who it’s designed to help.

After Ivan mentioned that his documentary, “Cowboy Del Amor,” which chronicles men’s experiences with his program, a caller wanted to know if people who use Ivan’s service have to be nice to the women they meet. Ivan replied that he has “a pretty good radar” that allows him to “weed out all the jackasses” who try to get wives through his service, but admitted that he’s not always successful. Artie then wondered if Ivan’s “jackass radar was on high” with the people in the studio, before pointing out that he believed most of the men who contact Ivan are just like him “without the fame.

Ivan brought up that when his manager told him he was going to be on the show today, he acknowledged that he wasn’t overly excited about the news. However, Ivan added that he was then sent a copy of “Private Parts,” and that his opinion about Howard changed for the better once he watched it. Ivan went on to say that he’s now looking to date “a black woman,” because he’s never had an African American girlfriend. In fact, Ivan added that he’s so curious about exploring all things in life that he might look to go “Humpback Mountain” if his next relationship with a woman doesn’t work out.