Anal Sex Expert Tristan Taormino Gives Tips for Men & Women

The former porn star thanked her parents when she won an AVN award

April 5, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had anal-sex expert, Tristan Taormino, into the studio to talk about the second edition of her book, “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women.”

Tristan noted that she considers herself an expert on the topic of anal sex because she’s done “lots and lots of research,” including starring in a porno that featured her having anal sex with three men.

When Tristan added that she won the Adult Video News Award in 2000 for “Best Anal Video of the Year,” Howard, who had a clip of her acceptance speech, asked her why she thanked her parents in it.

Tristan replied that her father knew what she did for a living before he recently passed away and that her mother has always been extremely supportive of her career.

Tristan commented that most people make the mistake of “going too fast” when it comes to anal sex. Tristan then explained that women should start “with a finger” and eventually graduate to toys that are smaller than their partners’ penis. This led Tristan to compare a person’s anus to a camera and that the best time for a woman to be introduced to anal sex is when her sphincter is “winking.” When Howard went on to report that he’s felt feces while engaging in anal sex with women, Tristan informed him that, while the rear end isn’t “always sparkling clean,” it’s not as messy as most people think it is either. Tristan added that as long as people who engage in anal sex have “regular bowel movements,” excess feces should never be a problem.

Tristan claimed that people who engage in anal sex don’t have to worry about e-coli unless they’ve consumed food or water outside of the country. She also explained that she has the ability to shave her own rear end without using a mirror. Howard pointed out that, according to his notes, Tristan’s father was gay, so he wondered if her obsession with anal sex was a way of identifying with her dad. Tristan replied that she’s been seeing her therapist for 10 years and that the topic has come up several times.