Wack Packer Blue Iris Comes Into the Studio

Porn star opens up about her weekly comedy show

April 6, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Blue Iris came into the studio, Howard was eager to talk about her weekly comedy show in Los Angeles.

Iris told him she’s not good at telling jokes, so she instead “tells stories” during her gigs. She later revealed she had gained weight after going on steroids for her asthma. Unlike in baseball, however, she didn’t think the steroid use would get her thrown out of the “granny porn” industry.

On a more serious note, Iris reported she was recently in the hospital for internal bleeding. She’d discovered the problem after finding blood in her stool.

Iris then said that she had “a cute story” for Howard, before telling him about a time she went to her mother’s house for pizza and that a woman on an elevator told her mother that she didn’t “look very good” because she was in her nightgown, or something like that.

After hearing the tale, which no one in the studio seemed to get, Howard commented that he understood why Iris had her own comedy show.