Howard’s Back from Florida

April 17, 2006
Miami South Beach, Florida Miami South Beach, Florida Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard started off his first show following his week-long vacation mentioning that he spent part of his time off in Miami Beach.

Robin responded that she was in Florida during the vacation as well, a fact Howard wasn’t aware of before this morning.

Howard went on to say that he ate at a restaurant in Miami that had such “a scene” going on that he would’ve “freaked out” if he’d been there when he was younger. Howard added there were a number of attractive women at the restaurant, but he could tell they were only interested in rich men or male models.

Where the Stars Swim

Howard continued that he also went to the pool at his hotel, which he said was another “scene.”

In fact, Howard said the pool was such a special place that Beth thought she saw Oprah and he had a poolside chat with Jay Z and Beyonce. Howard commented that he didn’t notice Jay Z or Beyonce at the pool, but, after Beth pointed them out, he realized that Beyonce looked better than ever.

Howard also commented that Jay Z congratulated him on his success at SIRIUS, but that was essentially the extent of their conversation. Howard went on to say that Jay Z and Beyonce had a bodyguard at the pool who stood over them as they swam.

Although he admitted he initially thought the body guard’s presence was a bit extensive, Howard mentioned that, when he found out there were paparazzi hanging out in the bushes by the pool trying to take photographs of celebrities, he understood why he was there.

Howard added, though, that the paparazzi were still able to get photographs of Jay Z and Beyonce, which he acknowledged he found funny. However, Howard also reported that Beth opened yesterday’s New York Post and saw a picture of her and Howard in their bathing suits, which he didn’t find as amusing.

Howard commented that, while Beth was covered up in the photo, he looked like he had “a pinhead with a big giant body” and that he was “ripped” last month before he gained 12 pounds following his three-week sickness.

On the Open Sea

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie asked Howard if he was part of “the party scene” while he was in Florida, which Howard said he wasn’t. In fact, Howard told Artie that he was so disinterested in being involved in the party lifestyle that, at one point, he actually called the front desk of his hotel to complain about the level of noise that was coming from the room below him from 2 to 6 in the morning.

After Howard acknowledged that he’d go back to Miami Beach, Robin commented that she spent a good deal of her time in Florida on her boat with her instructors, Captains Carlos and Alfonso. Robin then reported that she took possession of her own boat for the first time yesterday and she and Captain Dennis took it out for a ride in the Atlantic Ocean.

Robin added that the ocean’s water was “so navy blue” during their cruise that it was “such an amazing thing to be out there seeing.” Since Robin was discussing her boat, Howard pointed out he watched Rosie O’Donnell’s special, “All Aboard!,” during his vacation and that he’s “digging her more and more.”

Howard explained that Rosie organized a cruise for gay couples who have adopted children – many of whom, he said, were born to drug-addicted mothers – and that the program chronicled the time they spent together on the ship.

Howard went on to say that the kids on “All Aboard!” had so much love for their adoptive parents and that Rosie “did a good thing for people” by organizing the cruise.