‘DWTS’: To Dance or Not to Dance?

April 18, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that Beth received an offer to be a contestant on next season’s “Dancing with the Stars” and she’s mulling over the possibility.

Beth explained she’s not sure she wants to do the show because, for starters, she’d stay in Los Angeles for as long as she lasted on the show and she might actually lose money by being tied to one job for so long.

Gary then asked Beth how much she was offered for her role, noting he could’ve made about $100,000 for appearing on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.”

Beth replied she was guaranteed to earn a little more than that for just being on the show and could earn more than double the original sum, depending on how long she lasted on the program.

Everyone Has an Opinion

Despite the negatives, Gary pointed out that Beth would gain “a whole new audience” if she participated on “Dancing with the Stars,” which she agreed with.

Howard then noted a friend of his suggested that there was a stigma attached to people who appear on such shows, but Robin didn’t believe this would be the case with Beth. Robin went on to explain that, unlike other people who typically appear on celebrity-themed reality shows, Beth wouldn’t be resorting to her role, but would instead be using it to help launch her career. When Beth mentioned she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle the criticism that would come her way if she was on “Dancing with the Stars,” Gary thought Howard’s fans would vote for her often enough to keep her alive for at least a few weeks.

Mariann from Brooklyn called in to say she didn’t think Beth should do “Dancing with the Stars” because people would accuse her of being on it only because of her relationship with Howard.

When Artie wondered if doing the show would help Beth’s career at all, Beth responded that she has everything she wants in regard to her fame, but that she’s considering participating as a personal challenge for herself. Jessica Hahn called in to tell Beth that the “Dancing with the Stars” audience will “fall in love” with her because of her personality.

Howard went on to say he would support Beth regardless of her decision and he might accompany her to the dance lesson she has planned for next week just to see what kind of moves she has.

Leaning Towards No

Gary the Retard called in to say that, although he finds Beth “pretty cute,” he didn’t think she should be on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Gary went on to reveal that when he and his “girlfriend” called in last month, they both lied about having had sex. After telling Gary that he’d call him back later to find out more details about his relationship with the woman, Howard pointed out that if Beth ends up appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” and leaving him for her dance partner, he would be forced to be “brutal” to her on the air.

However, Beth assured Howard he didn’t have to be concerned about her leaving him, adding that, although she’s having fun entertaining the thought of being on the show, it isn’t something she thinks she’ll end up doing.

New & Improved Howard

Gary said he believed Howard when he said he’d support Beth if she decided to be on “Dancing with the Stars,” adding that Howard is “much more personable now” than he ever was before.

Robin replied, though, that, as happy as Howard is, she didn’t think he’d be able to handle not having Beth by his side for up to six weeks. Robin then explained that Howard needs “routine and creature comforts” and they’re part of the reason why he’s doing well.

Howard admitted he “gets crazy” when things in his life get out of place. Gary then noted, even if there is “bedlam” in Howard’s mind should Beth do “Dancing with the Stars,” he’d at least be aware of that bedlam, which he didn’t think Howard would have realized before.