Jay Thomas Sent Howard a T-Shirt

Actor and radio personality says he owns five percent of a clothing company

April 19, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jay Thomas came into the studio and Howard thanked him for the shirt he recently sent him. Jay explained he owns 5 percent of the clothing company that made the shirt and added he didn’t have to put up much of his own cash to buy his share.

Howard then wondered what it’s like for Jay to do his SIRIUS show with co-hosts who were in different locations than him.

Jay said one of his co-hosts broadcasts out of New York, another broadcasts out of Chicago, and he does his portion of the show from Los Angeles.

Jay said he used to broadcast right out of his house but ended up moving into a studio near his home because his wife constantly interrupted his show to ask him questions while he was on the air.

Jay also said he and his out-of-studio co-hosts had to get their timing down, but once they did they were able to do their show as if they were in the same location.

Mother of All Slot Machines

Jay claimed he’s had the ability to hear voices of the dead throughout his life and he said his mother recently came to him while he was in Belize. Jay reported he was at a slot machine at the time and, because he was so upset about her passing, he asked his mom to show a sign she was there.

Jay then noted he immediately heard his mom say, “I don’t know how to get in the machine and do it,” which he explained was exactly the kind of thing she would say because of her inability to use machinery when she was alive. Jay added he won 10 Belizean dollars from the slot machine right after hearing from his mom.

Running Into Stars

Howard said he wanted to be more like Jay, who he thought was always out “having fun.”

Jay then told Howard he went to a bar just last night and ran into Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Broderick, and David Schwimmer.

Jay said he approached Jerry and Matthew, who were standing together, but they both shunned him. Robin pointed out hearing such stories is the reason she’ll never be “a people person.”

Dad Says Hello

Jay commented he enjoys his show on SIRIUS, which airs from 2-5 p.m. on Stars Channel 102, but hasn’t ruled out one day making a return to terrestrial radio.

Jay added he sometimes has celebrities on his program but he devotes most of his on-air time to “weirdoes.”

After Jay mentioned some of his recent guests, Howard asked him if he had any other examples of speaking to the dead. Jay replied he was on a beach in the Bahamas shortly after his father died decades ago and when he tried to contact his dad “the clouds parted” and “a ray of light” covered him.

Jay recalled he was so scared by the occurrence he ran straight from the beach into his hotel room.