Getting To the Bottom of the List

May 3, 2006

Adi Ignatius, the executive editor at Time responsible for the 100 Most Influential People list, called in to talk about Howard’s spot in the magazine. Howard told Adi he was honored to be included on the list, although he didn’t agree with the inclusion of some of the other people on it. When Howard used Tyra Banks as an example of someone he didn’t think should be on the list, Adi told him Tyra has made an impact through her new talk show but also admitted that some people made the list because of their current popularity.

Howard then brought up the article David Spade wrote about him, and he wondered how he decided on using him for the article. Adi replied he originally contacted Robin Williams, whom he was unaware didn’t like Howard, to write the piece, but Robin turned him down. Adi noted he then asked David to contribute his thoughts on Howard because he knew how big of a fan he is of the show.Adi commented he attended Haverford College where he studied Chinese. Adi added he moved to Asia for 20 years following his graduation before returning and starting his job at Time, where he’s worked for a decade. Adi went on to say Time’s general rule is to not have people on its list of the 100 Most Influential People in back-to-back years, but the requirement might be lifted if Howard continues to bring as many subscribers to SIRIUS as he has.