Both Sides of the Story

A call from Hartford DJ Mary Jones.

May 4, 2006

Howard took a call from Mary Jones, a disc jockey in Hartford, CT, who recently accused him in the Hartford Courant of having asked her out two times in the late 1970s. Mary recalled she was involved with a United Way agency at the time, and was on Howard’s radio show to discuss her involvement with the group. Mary went on to claim she and Howard had “a wonderful on-air conversation,” and he called her shortly after her appearance to see if she’d go out with him. Mary said, though, she turned down Howard because he had just gotten married to Alison, who she then alleged confronted her at an event and warned her never to talk to Howard again.

Howard recalled he was newly married to Alison when he was in Hartford and added he wouldn’t have hit on another woman for that very reason. After Howard bet Mary $1 million the incident never happened, he pointed out Alison would also deny her allegations. Mary admitted Alison might react that way, but insisted she was telling the truth, even though she acknowledged she couldn’t remember what Howard said to her when he called.