Sal Misses His Chance

May 8, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard commented Gary was allegedly double-dipping cookies into the chocolate fondue at Robin’s party, but Gary insisted that was nothing more than a rumor Sal had started. Gary went on to say Sal approached him during the party to complain Howard had taken Richard with him on a boat ride – which was given by Robin herself – without him, even though he had heard Howard wanted him to accompany them as well. Howard acknowledged he was, in fact, hoping Sal would take the boat ride with them in order to avoid any potential problems, but couldn’t find him in time. Howard added Dominic Barbara warned him as the boat was leaving the dock he was going to inform Sal that he was taking the ride with Richard just to rub it in. Sal came into the studio and said he was smoking a cigarette with Shuli at the time of Howard’s boat ride, which was the reason Howard couldn’t locate him. Sal also said, once he found out Howard was looking for him, he ran to the boat “like his kid fell into the water” only to find out he arrived too late. Sal then admitted he contemplated getting on the jet boat in order to catch up to Howard, but decided against it since he didn’t know how to operate it.