A Huge Loss Creates a Star

May 10, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard commented that Joey Gannascoli, who was on the line, is such a good actor he sometimes thinks he’s gay in real life because of his homosexual character, Vito, on “The Sopranos.” Howard read that Joey was upset with the show because he didn’t get to come on during the last week on terrestrial radio. Howard then told Joey he’s too sensitive about his appearances, adding Joey’s on so often he can’t invite him back all the time because he doesn’t want his audience to get tired of him. Gary came into the studio and also mentioned most people call in when they want to be on the program, which Joey didn’t do in December.

After Joey announced a cameraman from Howard TV was at his house recording his interview, Howard brought up that he has “a big episode” of “The Sopranos” coming up this week, but Joey wouldn’t reveal any of its plot. Howard went on to note Joey once lost $60,000 during a single night of gambling. Joey admitted the report was true and added it was shortly after that he sold his restaurant so he could move to Los Angeles and become an actor. This led Artie to recall the most money he ever lost gambling in one day was $38,000 during a poker game. Artie added he rationalized his loss that day by reminding himself he made that much money in a week. However, Artie acknowledged, in hindsight, that wasn’t the right attitude to take.

Howard pointed out whenever he sees James Gandolfini, he automatically associates him with Tony Soprano and he’s starting to feel the same way about Joey and his character on “The Sopranos.” Artie then said he’s heard Joey might get an Emmy nomination this year and Joey replied, if that happens, it’ll be because of all the great material the writers have given him. When Joey went on to report he was recently asked to be a marshal at a gay rights parade, Howard asked him who he thought were the three “hottest guys” in Hollywood today. Joey joked that Ace, from “American Idol” was the only one he could think of.

Ralph then called in to ask Joey, who recently lost a good deal of weight, if he did so unnaturally, noting he hasn’t looked healthy to him as of late. Joey told Ralph he did, in fact, lose his weight naturally and the reason he looked the way he did in the past month was because he had double hip replacement five weeks ago.