Say Hello To My Little Friend

May 10, 2006

Howard took a call from Eric the Midget, who told Howard he was getting back in touch with the show because Will apologized to him. Eric went on to comment, though, he still wanted Howard to stop making fun of his voice, explaining it’s annoying and infantile, which led Howard to say Eric was finally starting to understand the show. Howard also told Eric he likes when he calls in, but he has to “learn to play the game” and have a sense of humor. Eric agreed to Howard’s terms, but added he didn’t want to be associated with the Wack Pack any longer. However, even though Eric defended being removed from the Wack Pack by mentioning he had a 3.2 grade-point average in high school, Howard said the main reason he’s a member of the group is because he votes on “American Idol” hundreds of times every year and thinks he has a chance at dating Kelly Clarkson.