The Girl in His Life

May 15, 2006

Howard brought up he watched a porno over the weekend that starred Gina Lynn and found it even more pleasurable than usual because Gina was a guest on the show a few weeks ago. Since Howard was talking about porn, Richard came into the studio to add his insight. Jimmy then commented that Richard looked “normal” this morning and Richard admitted it might be because he’s been having sex on a regular basis now that he has a girlfriend.

Richard told Howard he’s kept his relationship secret for the past four months because he was afraid his girlfriend didn’t want him discussing her on the air. Richard then noted that, not only was his girlfriend Robin’s intern the semester before he got his job on the show, but she also came in first place at that year’s Intern Beauty Pageant. Richard also reported he told his parents about his relationship and they seemed relieved that he’s finally seeing someone. Artie responded by reminding Richard to have his dad shoot an extra squirrel for dinner when he takes his girlfriend to Kansas to meet his parents.