From WNBC to Sirius

Howard explains how he came to be represented by his agent Don Buchwald

May 16, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie asked Howard if Don Buchwald was his first agent, and he replied he wasn’t.

Howard explained that he originally had two lawyers representing him and later turned down the man who was also Don Imus’ manager. Howard went on to say that, while he was at WNBC, he approached Don, who he remembered immediately promised to get the company to pay him twice as much as he was making.

Howard added he told his father about the news and signed with Don following his dad’s recommendation to do so. Howard then commented, even though he felt the heads of WNBC hated him, Don was able to come through with his promise to get WNBC to double his salary.

However, Howard admitted it took him some time to get used to having an agent, explaining he signed a television deal without Don’s knowledge shortly after he renegotiated his WNBC deal.