Beth is Ready to Come Home

May 16, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard reported that Beth called him from California yesterday and he’s looking forward to seeing her again on Friday. Howard went on to say that Beth assured him during their talk that she’s “miserable” without him and added that he was happy she turned down “Dancing with the Stars” because of all the travel that would’ve been involved had she done it. Robin then told Howard that, when Beth was making her decision, she predicted that he’d have ended up bringing a new girlfriend to the finale of “Dancing with the Stars” to root for Beth if she had made it that far. Beth also told him that a waiter spilled beer on her at a restaurant, but she was too nice to say anything. After Howard said the waiter still made Beth and her friend pay full price for their meal despite the accident, he mentioned he’s investigating the matter so he can take care of it.